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Handmade Lamps

Handmade lamps made from exotic hardwoods such as wenge, panga panga, ebony, leadwood, bubinga, olive wood, American walnut as well as native species such as elm, yew, spalted beech and oak. All lamp stands and bases turned by hand, wired with premium 3 cord flex and CE approved plugs and brass fittings.

UK / Ireland 3 pin plugs.


panga panga lamp.jpg

15 inch tall Panga Panga exotic hardwood lamp with friction polish and wax overcoat.

olivewood lamp 1.jpg

15 inch tall Olive wood lamp with friction polish and wax overcoat.

steampunk lamp.jpg

Yew base with E27 holder and edison bulb


Handmade bowls

Handmade bowls made from kiln or air dried hardwoods such as  walnut elm, yew, spalted beech and oak.  Food contact bowls are finished with food safe oils or waxes and decorative bowls can have a number of finishes including colouring, texturing, scorched, waxed, oiled or lacquered.

coloured oak bowl.jpg

An Oak bowl with colours and wax applied.

horsechestnut plate.jpg

Underside of a Horse chestnut bowl


Handmade Clocks

Handmade clocks can be wall hanging, carriage / mantle clocks or pocket watches. Quartz dials and movements as well as barometers and thermometers are inserted into custom made hand turned wooden surrounds.


Two spalted beech wall clocks pictured below, left with bronze highlights and right with gold highlights.

wall spalted beech clock.jpg
Spalted beech wall clock