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The following is a list of Woodturning resources including Craft Suppliers serving the Irish and UK market, Woodturners on Youtube and Woodturning Books.

If you would like me to add any suppliers, woodturners or books to the list just let me know via the contact form on the home page.

Craft Suppliers

IRELAND   David Condon Woodcraft  - Dave Condon, Kerry based woodturner selling turning supplies including Hamlet chisels, hampshire sheen, chestnut finishes and a range of other products. Excellent turn around time and free Irish shipping over €85.   Support a woodturner

IRELAND    Creator Kits Ireland   - Steve Twydell, Sligo based woodturner selling turning supplies including Crown Cryogenic chisels, pen kits, GPS resin blanks. Free Irish shipping over €60. Support a woodturner

IRELAND    The Carpentry Store   - Kildare based craft / tools / machinery supply shop.

IRELAND    Strahan Timber - Kildare based timber supplier

IRELAND    WH Riatt - Donegal based shop, hardware, tools & machinary

N.IRELAND  The Wood Shed   - Antrim based craft supply shop. Good range of exotic hardwoods.

Very Important for non-EU shipping

The UK (not including Northern Ireland for customs purposes ) is now a non- EU country. Check with suppliers for shipping and customs charges. Incoterms are important, DDP - delivery duty paid, means the seller covers customs tax, DAP- Delivery at place, means you the customer will have to pay any additional charges before you receive your package. Ask your supplier which incoterm they are using on their customs invoice and if the price advertised includes all costs you will be liable for to get the item shipped you you. GB Origin goods (made in GB) can have preferential treatment and not be subject to customs tax if accompanied by a relevant origin decleration form however products imported by GB shops (e.g brought in from china for resale outside of GB ) and then re-exported to the EU (Ireland) have a non-preferential status and are subject to customs tax.

UK  The Tiny Turner shop  - Emma Cooke, Yorkshire based woodturner selling craft supplies  Support a woodturner

UK  Pro Kraft    - project kits

UK  Oaklea Woodcraft   -  Shropshire based craft supply shop

UK  Yandles  

UK  Exotic Hardwoods  

UK  Home of Wood   -  Hampshire based air dried turning blanks supplier ( good ship rates to Ireland )

UK  Turners retreat  

UK  Olivers Woodturning  

UK  Hampshire sheen   -  Martin S. Smith's hampshire sheen shop

UK   The woodturning shop  -  Martin S. Smith & Les Thorne's turning supplies shop

Woodturners on Youtube
If you would like your channel added to the list just send me a message with the link.

Leona Fay woodturning             Youtube

Mike Waldt                                  Youtube

Robbie the woodturner              Youtube

Stace Makes                                Youtube

The Flaming Turner                    Youtube

The Tiny Turner                      Youtube

Templeboy Turnings                   Youtube

Martin Saban Smith                Youtube  

Wayne the woodturner           Youtube 

SK Krafts                                  Youtube


Kostas Annikas Deftereos       Youtube

Carl Jacobson                          Youtube

Nick Zammeti                           Youtube

Stuart Furini                              Youtube

Guil the bearded woodworker Youtube

Jim Overton                              Youtube

Barbara Dill                               Youtube

Mike Peace                               Youtube

Stephen Ogle                           Youtube

The Blind woodturner              Youtube

Tim Yoder                                 Youtube

Al Furtado                                Youtube

Wyoming woodturner              Youtube

Turning Works                          Youtube

The Welsh Woodman               Youtube

Kim Tipping                              Youtube

Yuval Lahav                               Youtube

Woodturning Books

Multi-Axis Spindle Turning  by  Barbara Dill          ISBN: 978-0-7643-5534-9        

Shapes for Woodturners  by  David Weldon          ISBN:  9 7807 13 481396      


Turned Boxes (40 different makers)                         ISBN:  978-1-78494-248-9